ADMET support…

…developing toxicology and assays for Adsorption, Distribution, Metabolism, Excretion and Toxicity (ADMET) research to accelerate efficacy and safety studies for new drugs

Pre-clinical ADMET research is now a well-established approach for challenging and screening out unsuitable candidate drugs at an early stage of the drug discovery process.

The sooner that flawed candidate drugs can be identified and eliminated, the less time and cost is spent in putting them through the extensive testing and approval processes necessarily required to launch a new drug.

Eliminating candidate drugs for reasons of toxicity prior to clinical trials reduces the overall investment risk and time associated with bringing successful drugs to market, hence this is an attractive option for many drug discovery companies.

As member of the Clinical Contract Research Association (CCRA), we partner a wide range of drug discovery companies who out-source their toxicity studies and we have experience of developing and validating specific toxicological assays in vitro to support ADMET studies.


If you have a specific ADMET study or a drug toxicity project, we can help.
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