Bioanalytical Research…

…providing expert bioanalysis, advice and support for global Contract Research Organisations involved in drug discovery


ASI was born out of bioanalytical research and it remains one of our core strengths.  With a firm commitment to pioneering in toxicology and bioanalytics for clinical studies, we invest heavily in research and are pleased to support projects involving the development of the next generation of drug molecules, compounds and assays.

Our team has strong academic and pharmaceutical industry links that have been leveraged to facilitate and drive pioneering research since 1970.

Examples of our research are regularly presented in peer reviewed publications.

We would be pleased to open research discussions with any industry or academic stakeholder in confidence - please contact our team.

- We initiate and lead research teams particularly in the field of immunosuppressant drugs, cardiovascular
  therapy and cancer chemotherapy.
- We regularly sponsor PhD students in our own facilities
- We work closely with several large pharmaceutical organisations as research team members.
- We support several meetings of learned societies with technical presentations, undertake peer reviews
  for international journals and contribute to academia in the development of our discipline.