News & Events - 2014

New Drugs Driving Law Date Announced

Minister of State for Crime Prevention, The Rt Hon Norman Baker MP, addressed a seminar held at The Royal School of Medicine on ‘Tackling Drugs and Alcohol Use’ and as part of a very interesting […read more]

Marijuana tops the illicit drugs use charts

The Guardian newspaper presented a most interesting survey on illicit drug use in the UK. In their sample population, marijuana use greatly exceeds any other illicit drugs use; nearly one in three British adults has taken an illegal substance and a fifth of those still do. Click here to see the full and very well presented article … The Guardian Drugs Survey

ASI launches new look website

In keeping with our commitment and vision to become a world leading bioanalytical and toxicology laboratory, we are delighted to have launched our new web site. Hopefully it reflects our professional, direct and clear approach to promoting our discipline and competence to the various markets that we service.

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Arsenic Poisoning in Dorset

Forensic Toxicology has been used to help uncover crime for many years - not really a news item, but nonetheless we hope you will find this story of interest


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ASI gains ANVISA Certification

ANVISA, The Brazilian Health Regulatory Agency came over to audit the ASI laboratories in London as part of our work in supporting a drug approval study.

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2014 Christmas Anti-Drinking and Drugs Driving Campaign Launched

This year is the 50th anniversary of the annual campaign to try and reduce drink and, more recently, drugs driving offences. 2013 statistics recorded 191,040 drivers being tested with 6,550 drivers failing the breath test.

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UK - Laughing gas is no laughing matter

According to the 2013/14 Crime Survey for England and Wales, laughing gas (nitrous oxide) is the second most popular recreational drug amongst 16-24 year olds.

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'Legal-Highs' - threefold increase in the number of people in treatment

The Centre for Social Justice (CSJ) has contributed to the debate on 'Legal-Highs' with their recent Press Release which points to stark evidence of their increasing impact on young peoples' lives.

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UK - What would an evidence based drugs policy look like?

One new legal-high is being identified each week at present and our legislative framework is being severely tested.  With the issue now widely reported as one of public health, rather than a criminal justice concern, an interesting article was published in the British Medical Journal

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USA - Breakthrough diagnostic test developed for Alzheimer's

Researchers in USA have developed a non-invasive MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) approach that can detect Alzheimer's disease in a living animal, well before typical Alzheimer's symptoms appear

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